Special and unique Christmas Gift Ideas in Noosa

Are you looking for a memorable and unique gift for someone special this Christmas? Have you considered giving an “experience” that you could share together, rather than a traditional Christmas present?

If the answer is “yes” then you might be interested in a Noosa Dreamboats Gift Voucher.

Exploring Noosa’s beautiful waterways on board a stunning, handcrafted mahogany speedboat is an experience that will create memories that will last a lifetime. Riding in this immaculate boat is amazing by itself. Combined with the spectacular natural beauty of Noosa’s river and lakes you have the ingredients for a very, very special occasion.


Classic wooden power boat Noosa Dream

We offer a variety of gift voucher options, including private river tours, fully catered sandbar picnic cruises and special packages with leading Noosa Restaurants and Spas.

Noosa Dreamboats classic boat cruises to Rickys Noosa Sound

Rickys river bar + restaurant is renowned for its superb position, amazing service and wonderful food. We will arrange everything and deliver you to Rickys jetty for your meal after your tour of the Noosa river.

Noosa classic boat tour sandbar picnics

The Noosa sandbar is a beautiful spot to enjoy a private and romantic catered picnic after a tour of the river and lakes. We offer a range of food options including mezze platters, cheese, fruits and crackers, fish and chips and gourmet cold seafood platters.

A Noosa Dreamboats Gift Voucher is a great idea for an individual gift, a gift for a couple, or as a gift for a whole family. Our classic boat Noosa Dream can seat up to 5 guests plus the Skipper, Michael. During the cruise Michael provides a knowledgable local commentary plus complimentary digital photos as well.

To find out more about this unique Noosa gift idea, or to order a Gift Voucher simply contact us .

We look forward to hearing from you!

Cheers and have a wonderful Christmas,

Michael and Sandy

A surprise elopement in Noosa.

Recently we had the awesome privilege of arranging a Noosa River elopement package (and being the witnesses) for a lovely couple from Sydney, Frazer and Katie. What we didn’t know at the time was that the actual details of the wedding were Frazer’s secret, and that Katie would only find out where she was being married when we arrived at the jetty in our classic boat to collect the bride and groom.


Noosa elopement wedding cruises and packages

Katie and Frazer on their way to a surprise ceremony on the Noosa River sandbar.

On our way to the surprise location we stopped off to collect celebrant, Natalie Banner and photographer Jodi McDonald. At that point we could reveal to Katie the flags and arbor visible in the distance on a totally secluded and beautiful little sand island.


Noosa River elopement and wedding packages

On our way to the ceremony location with Katie and Frazer and our celebrant and photographer, Natalie and Jodi.


Noosa river sandbar elopements

Katie and Frazer’s simple and elegant ceremony – with celebrant Natalie Banner.


Noosa Dreamboats sandbar wedding packages

Katie signing the marriage certificate, with Jodi capturing the moment.

It was a beautiful and very special occasion and what a lovely surprise it was for us today to read a gorgeous review that Frazer has just posted on the TripAdvisor website.

We wanted to share his words with you.

 “Perfect elopement wedding – first class, personable service”

 “I can’t thank Sandy and Michael enough for facilitating the perfect elopement wedding for my new wife and I, and also for being fantastic wedding organizers and witnesses.

We were originally looking at a traditional wedding overseas but realized that it wasn’t for us, and were overwhelmed by the stress and cost. That’s when I stumbled across Noosa Dreamboats website whilst booking a surprise birthday trip to Noosa for my now wife. I made an inquiry and spoke to Sandy on the phone, and was immediately taken by the customized wedding package suggestions, and I could also sense that I had found great people to work with who would do their very best to provide the best possible wedding. 

And so the surprise 30th birthday trip also became a surprise wedding trip for the bride…

Their magnificent classic boat was the centrepiece of the wedding experience, taking us out to an isolated sand bar in the mouth of the river for a beautiful private ceremony. Afterwards we enjoyed a relaxed cruise on the boat around the waterways.

The level of service provided by Michael and Sandy was first class from start to finish. The suppliers that they engaged as part of the wedding package, including the celebrant, photographer, flowers, bridal hair and make-up were also top professionals. Everyone involved in the wedding took great pride in their work, were a lot of fun to work with and clearly enjoyed working with each other too.

I received a lot of praise from people for single handedly sorting a wedding without input from the bride, but in reality there was minimal effort on my part and only took a few days and a few emails to book.”


Noosa classic boat wedding cruises and transport

Katie and Frazer celebrating their marriage with an exhilarating trip up the beautiful Noosa River after their ceremony.

Thank you so much Frazer! We loved helping you to create this day and we greatly appreciate your kind comments.

If you are considering a wedding or private elopement in Noosa and would like some advice and assistance we would love to hear from you. We offer a variety of options including our stress free and hassle free packages where we organise everything for you (like we did for Frazer).

Our weddings page is a good starting point for some ideas, or if you’d prefer to have a chat with us about your specific requirements, please do give us a call on 0414 990 708.


Michael and Sandy.

Looking for fresh ideas for a birthday, anniversary or special occasion celebration in Noosa?

One of the things we enjoy most is helping our guests celebrate special occasions in a memorable and unique way. Since we began our classic boat cruise business 3 1/2 years ago we have been part of many birthdays, anniversaries, proposals and weddings and on every occasion it has been a privilege and a pleasure to be involved.

With Noosa’s wonderful climate and beautiful environment, one of the most enjoyable ways to celebrate a special occasion is to tour the stunning Noosa River and lakes in a gorgeous classic mahogany speed boat and then stop off for a private catered picnic on a river mouth sandbar.


Noosa classic boat tour sandbar picnics

The sandbar is a beautiful spot to enjoy a private and romantic catered picnic after your river tour.

On a sandbar picnic escape cruise, you’ll enjoy a 90 minute tour of the Noosa River and Lake Cooroibah and then stop off at a beautiful sandbar near the river mouth for a delicious fully catered private picnic. There are a range of food options available, including a mezze platter, classic fish and chips and a sumptuous cold seafood platter.


Noosa Dreamboats sandbar picnics on the Noosa River.

Our delicious cold seafood platter is just perfect for sharing.

For your picnic we provide a picnic blanket, pillows, an umbrella and all the picnic utensils you’ll need to enjoy your meal while you kick back, soak up some sun and enjoy the lovely views.


Noosa sandbar picnic and classic wooden speed boat cruise

We’ll bring everything so all you need to do is relax!

Another popular special occasion idea is to combine a classic boat river cruise with lunch or dinner at the famous Rickys river bar + restaurant on Noosa Sound.

Our Rickys Noosa Dream package begins with a 90 minute tour of Noosa Sound, the Noosa River and Lake Cooroibah. Then you’ll arrive in true style at Rickys private jetty on the shores of Noosa Sound. The views from Rickys are fantastic and the food is superb.


Noosa Dreamboats classic boat cruises to Rickys Noosa Sound

Rickys river bar + restaurant is renowned for its superb position, amazing service and wonderful food.

Noosa river classic boat transfers to Rickys

Our 1940’s inspired mahogany power boat Noosa Dream will deliver you to Rickys in classic style.

If your tastes for a special occasion lean more towards some serious relaxation and pampering, then you might want to consider our cruise and spa package.

Begin with the exhilaration and unique style of a 2 hour river cruise in a stunning 1940s style mahogany runabout. Then experience the ultimate pampering of a half day spa escape at the wonderful Noosa Springs Spa.


Noosa Dreamboats spa and classic boat cruise packages

Begin your Noosa Springs half day spa escape in their fantastic hydrotherapy pool.

Cruise and spa packages in Noosa with Noosa Dreamboats classic boat cruises.

The relaxation lounge is a tranquil oasis for you to enjoy after your spa treatments.

Details of all these special occasion experiences and our river cruise itineraries can be found on our website.

If you’d like to discuss your specific requirements, or learn more about how Noosa Dreamboats can tailor an experience perfect for your special occasion, please call Sandy or Michael on 0414 990 708. We’d love to hear from you.

Cheers for now,

Michael and Sandy.

Sunset cruise in Noosa on a classic wooden boat

The Noosa River and lakes are renowned for their beauty. A very memorable way to experience them is on a sunset cruise in a handcrafted classic mahogany boat.


Noosa Dreamboats classic wooden speedboat ready to begin a sunset cruise in Noosa.

Our handcrafted mahogany boat Noosa Dream offers  a unique way to experience sunset on the Noosa RIver.

Late in the afternoon, Noosa is often bathed in golden light and there is a magical quality in the air. As we cruise slowly around Noosa Sound in our gorgeous wooden boat, we share a wave with people enjoying the late afternoon on the jetties lining the shores of Noosa Sound and we pass fishermen in tinnies, dotted here and there, trying their luck for a dinner catch.

Cormorants perch high in the trees along Weyba Creek, soaking up the last rays of the sun and egrets and herons quietly wander the water’s edge by the mangroves looking for food.


Imagine cruising into this Noosa river sunset on a classic 1940's style mahogany boat.

Noosa River sunsets can be amazing. I took this shot from the shore at Noosaville.

Out at the river mouth clouds of migratory terns can be seen rising and falling like huge parachutes in the breeze above the estuary.


Noosa River birds seen on a sunset cruise

A constellation of beautiful birds at the river mouth

Heading further up the river past Noosaville and Tewantin, we observe water-skiers enjoying the last run of the day and a queue of cars waiting to catch the cable ferry back to town after a camping trip or a day excursion along the beaches of the Noosa North Shore.

Beyond the ferry the river is often glassy in the late afternoon and it feels as though we are riding a cushion of air as Noosa Dream flies past the last homes on the shoreline and enters the empty expanse of Lake Cooroibah.


Lake Cooroibah is the perfect spot to stop for a toast on a noosa classic boat sunset cruise

The entrance to Lake Cooroibah is the perfect spot to stop for a glass of champagne while enjoying the views across the lake. There are great views of the mountains in our hinterland towns.

The run across Lake Cooroibah is exhilarating and provides the opportunity to take some great photos of the Noosa hinterland and the setting sun. Often we are the only boat on the lake in the late afternoon and the feeling of space and openness is fantastic.


Crossing lake cooroibah on a noosa classic boat sunset cruise

Crossing Lake Cooroibah you feel like you are miles from anywhere and the sense of space and freedom is wonderful.

At the other side of the lake, the river narrows and begins its winding journey to Lake Cootharaba some 8km further upstream. One of my favourite times during our sunset cruise is when we stop in the river just past the end of Lake Cooroibah and drift silently beside the bushland of the Great Sandy National Park.  This far up-stream, we are often the only boat on the river and the peacefulness and natural beauty of the area are a wonderful escape from the everyday.


Noosa River bushland beyond Lake Cooroibah just before sunset

I love it when we drift silently beside the national park in the golden light just before sunset.

After enjoying the peacefulness of the lake, we return downstream, to Noosa Heads. As we travel back the sun begins to finally set, and we time our arrival at the mouth of the river to coincide with the final moments of the day.


The view from the Noosa River sandbar on a noosa dreamboats sunset cruise.

Sunset from the sandbar near the mouth of the Noosa River.

Often, some of the most spectacular scenes arrive after the sun has actually set, as the clouds overhead begin to light up. The 20 minutes after sunset can be extraordinary and, like a lucky dip, you never know what you will get until it happens.


Sunset across the noosa river during a Noosa Dreamboats sunset cruise

Enjoying sunset out on the river is a fantastic way to end the day in Noosa.

If you would like to experience the Noosa River and Lakes at sunset, we offer a variety of tours on our gorgeous 1940s style mahogany speed boat Noosa Dream. Our tours are for private groups of up to 5 people, and include a knowledgable commentary on the local area and complimentary digital photos of your group. We are BYO, so if you would like to toast the sunset at Lake Cooroibah, you bring the bubbly and we will bring an ice bucket and glasses.

Details of our sunset tour options are here.

If you would like to experience something extra special and unique at sunset, we recommend our sandbar picnic escape special package.  You’ll enjoy a wonderful 90 minute cruise through the river and lake and a delicious private catered picnic on the river mouth sandbar, where you can watch the setting sun from the comfort of your own picnic blanket.

Another delicious option for your sunset cruise is to combine it with a fantastic meal at acclaimed Rickys river bar + restaurant. Our special package with Rickys is very popular and we can drop you directly at Rickys wharf for your meal at the end of your cruise.

When you contact us to book one of these options, let us know that you would like to be out for sunset and we will tailor the time of your cruise to suit.

To book a cruise, simply call Sandy on 0414 990 708 or contact us here.

We look forward to sharing a Noosa River sunset with you sometime soon.


Michael and Sandy.

Noosa Dreamboats wins Tourism Experience Award at 2012 Sunshine Coast Business Awards

We received some wonderful news last night!

Noosa Dreamboats has won the Tourism Experience Award at the 2012 Sunshine Coast Business Awards.

Noosa Dreamboats wins 2012 Sunshine Coast Tourism Experiences Award







Now in its 18th year, the Sunshine Coast Business Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of the diverse and dedicated Sunshine Coast business community – and are the most highly regarded industry awards in the region.

Sandy and I are thrilled to have won this award!  We want to say a very big “thank you” to all our wonderful customers and also to our colleagues in the tourism industry for supporting our classic boat tour experience with such enthusiasm. When we launched the business nearly 3 years ago we hoped that our vision for a glamorous, unique and exciting way to experience the beauty of Noosa would be embraced and it is so rewarding to receive such wonderful feedback and affirmation.


2012 Sunshine Coast Business Awards Tourism Experience Award winners Michael and Sandy Guthrie on their classic wooden speed boat

Sandy and Michael Guthrie – proud winners of the 2012 Sunshine Coast Tourism Experiences Award on board their boat, Noosa Dream.

One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do is helping both visitors and locals to celebrate special occasions in their lives, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and marriage proposals. Its an absolute privilege to be involved in these occasions and to help create memories that can last a lifetime.


Michael and Sandy.



Noosa family fun activities for the school holidays

Treat your family to a movie star experience in Noosa these school holidays!

Your family will feel like movie stars on a private tour of the Noosa River and Lakes on board the stunning 1940‘s inspired wooden speed boat, Noosa Dream.


Noosa tours and activities- family classic boat ride on the noosa river

There’s nothing quite like the experience of riding in a classic mahogany speed boat.


School holiday fun ideas with kids in Noosa.

Kids love riding in the back seat and there’s plenty of room up front for mum and dad.

A 1 1/2 hour Lake Escape Cruise with Noosa Dreamboats is an unforgettable way for families of up to 5 to discover the beauty of Noosa’a waterways.

Noosa is the only place in Queensland where you can enjoy this classic boating experience and its one that the whole family is sure to enjoy.


Sunshine Coast to do - school holiday activity ideas

Cruises depart the Sheraton Jetty just near Hastings Street, Noosa Heads.

The family price for a Lake Escape Cruise is $350 and as a bonus for family September school holiday bookings, we will provide a CD of complimentary digital photos of your cruise.

Call Sandy on 0414 990 708 for bookings or email us here to book your cruise.

Cheers for now!


Jazz up your Noosa Jazz Festival with a classic boat cruise

Noosa will usher in Spring in style this year. The annual Noosa Jazz Festival,which marks the end of Winter, will see the town come alive, with 4 days of great live music, gourmet food and wine and beautiful Spring time weather.

Noosa Jazz Festival









This is always a great time of year to visit Noosa and the allure of some outstanding Jazz showcased in our wonderful natural environment is a very appealing proposition.

This iconic Queensland music event, which runs from Thursday 30th August – Sunday 2nd September, celebrates all genre of jazz, from traditional to modern funk, blues, indie, alternate pop and progressive music. There will be over 200 performances from Australian and International artists in local restaurants and open-air venues overlooking Noosa’s stunning main beachand river.

Noosa Jazz Festival street parade









The 2012 program includes headline acts Australian jazz great Grace Knight, US troupe San Gabriel 7 featuring jazz legend Bill Watrous, and Liam Burrows, who was recently named Best Jazz Artist at the 2012 MusicOz Awards. The stellar line-up also includes US Motown legend Gil Askey, jazz funk group Bullhorn & the Barksdale Brass Band, and renowned Australian artists James Morrison, Andrew Lawson, Monsieur Camembert, Emma Pask, Bob Barnard, Geoff Bull and Ed Wilson.

Tickets for the 2012 Noosa Jazz Festival are now on sale through the festival website.  http://www.noosajazz.com.au

Now, if you love jazz, we have a feeling that you may also fall in love with the classic style and gleaming mahogany and chrome of our beautiful American runabout the Noosa Dream.

Classic boat tours with Noosa Dreamboats










This stunning, 1940’s inspired classic speed boat can be booked for private guided tours of the Noosa River and Lakes.

She can accommodate 5 passengers plus the skipper and there are fantastic packages available too such as sandbar picnics, cruise and restaurant packages and cruise and spa escapes.

Classic wooden power boat Noosa Dream










The Noosa Dreamboats classic boat river tour experience is the only one of its kind available in Queensland.

So, if you are looking for something truly unique, glamorous and exciting to do in between the performances while you are in Noosa for the 2012 Jazz Festival, we’d love to hear from you.

Give us a call on 0414 990 708 or you can e mail us for details here.

Cheers for now,



La dolce vita – Noosa style.

Ah, “la dolce vita” !

What does it mean to you ?

Is it doing the tango in Buenos Aires?

Is it being miles from anywhere? Free from the concerns and responsibilities of everyday life?


Miles from anywhere - that's la dolce vita !

Is it sitting quietly in the twilight on a mystical Greek island, watching the sun sink slowly into the sea?

Santorini sunset-la dolce vita

Or is it spending time with the ones you love and celebrating being together in a place that makes you happy?

La dolce vita- snow

Well, we believe that ” La Dolce Vita” can be wherever it is that you find yourself in that certain ‘sweet’ state of mind. It can be planned or impromptu, simple or complex, fleeting or lasting, alone or with friends.

When we launched Noosa Dreamboats Classic Boat Cruises we wanted to create some new opportunities to experience “La Dolce Vita” in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast.

Over the past 2 1/2 years its been such a pleasure to read the comments made by our guests about just how much they have enjoyed their experience of exploring Noosa in our gorgeous classic wooden speed boat Noosa Dream.

Noosa tours in a classic wooden speed boat-that's la dolce vita!

In addition to our classic boat tours of the Noosa River and Lakes, we’ve created a range of unique “La Dolce Vita” experiences for those guests who are looking for an extra special way to celebrate one of life’s occasions in Noosa.

Noosa Dreamboats-Lachie and Anna sandbar picnic proposal

Gourmet sandbar picnic escapes, and a range of other special packages are now available.

The sandbar picnic escapes feature an exhilarating 1 1/2 hour Lake Escape classic boat cruise followed by a private, fully catered picnic on a secluded island or beautiful sandbar near the Noosa River mouth.

The special packages include an indulgent cruise and 1/2 day spa experience with Noosa Springs Spa plus cruise and lunch (or dinner) packages with the acclaimed Rickys river bar + restaurant and with David Rayner’s outstanding Noosaville restaurant Thomas Corner Eatery.

Rickys River Bar + Restaurant Noosa

David Rayner at Thomas corner eatery Noosaville










So, if you happen to be planning a special occasion in Noosa in the coming weeks and you’d like to try something new, we’d love the opportunity to have you as our guests for one of our indulgent  “La Dolce Vita” Noosa experiences.



If you would like to find out more about these special experiences, call Sandy on 0414 990 708 or you can contact us by e mail right here.

Now,  back to my original question…. what does “La Dolce Vita” mean to you and where have you found that special, sweet state of mind?

We’d love to hear about your experiences.


Noosa tours – ride on a classic wooden speed boat

Do you love classic wooden boats?

Would you relish the experience of actually having a ride in one?

Well, if you’re going to be visiting Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast sometime soon we have some good news for you!

Now you can enjoy a private, chauffeur driven ride in a stunning classic wooden speed boat on the beautiful Noosa River. This is one of Noosa’s newest tour attractions and certainly the most unique!


Noosa tours - classic boat ride on the noosa river

There's nothing like riding in a classic boat

Noosa Dreamboats’ gorgeous mahogany runabout Noosa Dream was hand made in the USA. She is a beautiful example of the craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes classic wooden boats so special in today’s mass produced world.

Glowing wood and shining chrome on tour in Noosa-Noosa Dreamboats


Noosa classic boat tours with Noosa Dreamboats









When you take a private tour with Noosa Dreamboats you’ll be captivated by the beauty and spirit of this classic boat.

You’ll also fall in love with the sights and surroundings you’ll experience as you explore the Noosa River and Lakes.


Noosa tours- sunset cruise on Lake Cooroibah with Noosa Dreamboats

Sunset on Lake Cooroibah

Our guests are often fascinated to find that there is just so much more to see in Noosa than the beach and Hastings Street.


Noosa tours- drifting silently beyond Lake Cooroibah on Noosa Dreamboats classic boat

Drifting silently beyond the lake

You don’t even have to travel too far up the river to find yourself in a remote and pristine environment that is totally removed from suburbia and from everyday concerns. It’s an experience that refreshes and rejuvenates.


Noosa Dreamboats-sunset cruise tour

Sunset near the river mouth

So if you would like to experience something timeless and quite unique on your next visit to Noosa – may we suggest a classic boat tour.

A variety of tours are available and there are some fantastic special packages  like gourmet sandbar picnics to choose from too !

Give us a call on 0414 990 708 to talk about the options, or just send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.

Cheers for now,




Romance on the Noosa River

Recently award winning travel writer Christina Pfeiffer and her husband came to Noosa for a romantic weekend on and around the Noosa River. We spirited them away for a Noosa Dreamboats “Sandbar Picnic Escape”.

Here is Christina’s story about their experiences during a romantic Noosa weekend.The story featured in the Courier Mail on Saturday 14th April 2012.

The “Sandbar Picnic Escape” is one of our most popular special occasion experiences. 

If you’re looking for a romantic and truly unique way to celebrate with someone special in Noosa, this very personal Noosa River experience could be just perfect.


Romantic cruises on the Noosa River with Noosa Dreamboats-Nathan and Kate

Relive the style and glamour of a bygone era on an exquisite classic mahogany speed boat


Romantic things to do in Noosa-special experiences with Noosa Dreamboats

Feel the wind in your hair and experience open spaces and freedom as you explore the river

Romance on the Noosa River -Dean and Carol Noosa Dreamboats Sandbar picnic cruise

Then escape to a secluded sandbar for a private picnic

On a “Sandbar Picnic Escape” you’ll enjoy a 1 1/2 hour Lake Escape Cruise  followed by a fully catered private picnic on a river mouth sandbar or secluded beach.

We provide a picnic platter filled with delicious gourmet food, a picnic blanket and cushions, ice bucket and glasses. BYO wine or champagne.

A range of food options are available including cheeses, fruit, crackers and tarts, a gourmet mezze platter, classic fish and chips and a deluxe seafood platter.

“Sandbar Picnic Escapes” are popular for all sorts of special occasions, including birthdays and anniversaries. A private picnic on the sandbar is also the perfect spot to surprise the one you love with a romantic proposal.

If you would like to book a “Sandbar Picnic Escape” for your special occasion give Sandy a call on 0414 990 708 or send us a message and we’ll be in touch.



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